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SAFESPUR+ is now an event-focused learning network operated by CIRIA with advice from industry and wider stakeholders. It provides an independent, multi-stakeholder and multi-discipinary forum to discuss a variety of topics of interest to those involved in decomissioning within the nuclear and defence sectors.

Its remit is similar to but somewhat broader than that of the SAFEGROUNDS+ network, ie:

However, SAFESPUR+ events have become more than dissemination and learning mechanisms for these networks.

Recent and forthcoming events will include discussions on the implementation of revised regulations, knowledge transfer from outside UK, innovations to technology and processes and stakeholder consultation.

The group is a forum for discussion based on participants' needs. It is not concerned with political lobbying, duplication of existing initiatives, high level policy discussions or brokerage of commercial contracts.


SAFESPUR+ Advisory Group

Peter Booth


Independent Chairman
(innovation and technology transfer)

James Penfold


Contaminated land

Paul Atyeo


Site Licensee company
(waste hierarchy)

Philippa Towler


Site Licensee company
(waste hierarchy/ contaminated land)

Marion Hill


(contaminated land/
w aste hierarchy)

David Collier


Stakeholder consultation





The SAFESPUR+ programme was completed in 2013.
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