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Now part of SAFEGROUNDS+, SAFEGROUNDS stands for SAFety and Environmental Guidance for the Remediation of contaminated land on UK Nuclear and Defence Sites.

The network uses participatory approaches to develop and disseminate good practice guidance for the management of radioactively and chemically contaminated land on nuclear and defence sites in the UK.


"A forum for developing and disseminating good practice guidance on the management of radiaoactively and chemically contaminated land on nuclear and defence sites in the UK"

Its aims are to:

SAFEGROUNDS began in 1998 with a pilot study and is now a large and well-established learning network. It is supported by a wide range of groups including nuclear industry organisations, their regulators, government departments, local authorities, universities and NGOs. These types of group are represented on the Steering Group, which agrees and oversees the SAFEGROUNDS work programme, and approves all the documents that the network issues.

SAFEGROUNDS has developed five key principles for the management of contaminated land. These are about:

For further information please see the guidance information section of this web site.

Up to 2011, SAFEGROUNDS produced a series of guides including the following, which are available via the guidance and information section of this website:

The governance of SAFEGROUNDS was combined with that of SD-SPUR in 2012 to form the SAFEGROUNDS+ Steering Group.



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