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A Forum and learning network covering contaminated land, waste and stakeholder issues relevant to the nuclear and defence sectors

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SAFEGROUNDS+ is a forum and learning network focussing on contaminated land on nuclear and defence sites and on non-active/low activity waste from nuclear and defence site decommissioning. SAFEGROUNDS+ supports the endeavours of all stakeholders to deliver solutions recognising and respecting their different drivers and perspectives.

The network covers technical, regulatory, public-opinion and commercial issues, recognising the inter-relationships between these and the solutions adopted for contaminated land and decommissioning waste issues.

This new portal provides access to a range of guidance, information and events formerly housed across separate sites, namely SAFEGROUNDS, SD:SPUR and SAFESPUR.

Briefing update

What has changed?


The SAFESPUR+ programme was completed in 2013. This is a temporary archive site.       



The SAFESPUR+ programme was completed in 2013.
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