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What has changed?

Visitors familiar with these networks will find that the previous SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR sites have been brought together under a new SAFEGROUNDS+ name.

You can still access SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR guidance and information together with other industry sources of guidance and news, all under one site.

The former SAFESPUR website is also accessible through this portal, the new SAFESPUR+ designation indicating a stronger independent governance for this event-based network.

The changes are further explained below.


SAFEGROUNDS+ is the name adopted by the new network formed by amalgamating the programmes and governance of CIRIA's SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR Networks.

Why have SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR been merged?

Both the SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR programmes have evolved from being focused extensively on producing guidance to a focus of implemetation and learning.

Combining the networks also makes it easier to identify synergies between these two programmes - with SAFEGROUNDS focusing on contaminated land and SD:SPUR focusing on the waste hierarchy - and to identify gaps in awareness, knowledge and guidance.

Will SAFEGROUNDS+ produce any more guidance?

The current focus of the merged network on learning does not preclude it from identifying the need for and producing new guidance or updates of previous guidance in the future.

What is the difference between SAFEGROUNDS guidance and SAFEGROUNDS information?

SAFESPUR and SD:SPUR operated as CIRIA steering groups, albeit with a strong independent governance and composition.

Guidance produced underwent an exhaustive peer review process, again following CIRIA's usual approach. On completion, the guidance documents were assigned a SAFEGROUNDS logo to denote consensus-based endorsement by the Steering Group:

Under the SAFEGROUNDS programme, a number of other "information" documents were also produced, in some cases reflecting the views of a particular stakeholder group. While such information was published via the SAFEGROUNDS website, it was not assigned the SAFEGROUNDS logo, so had a lower status in terms of consensus within the Steering Group. However, some information documents (eg summarising the regulatory regime) were non-contentious, and so extensive review was not warranted.

A similar situation applied to SD-SPUR guidance.

What is SAFESPUR+ and how does it relate to SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR?

The SAFESPUR Network was first formed in 1998 as a consultation and dissemination network for SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR. It was established and remains as a subscription service based around a programme of dissemination and consultation events.

Over the years, SAFESPUR has developed events that are not based on the SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR programmes and, on occasions, have covered topics that are beyond the remit of these two networks.

The new designation of SAFESPUR+ is being used to signify this independence from the SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR programmes.

To mark this independence a new governance structure has been established for SAFESPUR

What links does SAFESPUR+ retain to SAFEGROUNDS+?

SAFESPUR+ events will be developed as independent events. However, the SAFESPUR+ programme may also be used to deliver events suggested by and developed with the SAFEGROUNDS+ programme. Any such association will be set out on individual event details.

Given the special relationship developed between industry, regulatory, NGO and other stakeholders and the significance of the brand, members of the current SAFEGROUNDS+ committee felt it is important to restrict use of the SAFEGROUNDS and SD:SPUR approved brands to specific peer-reviewed and consensus-driven activities.

How does this affect my membership of SAFESPUR?

The changes will not affect your member benefits nor the quality and authority of individual events. In fact, the formation of the new Advisory Group as part of the new governance provides the opportunities for members to better engage with and influence the development of the future programme.





The SAFESPUR+ programme was completed in 2013.
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